Facebook Product Manager Salary

How much does a Facebook Product Manager make? Well, there are lots of, shall we say “speculative” answers to this question online. The goal of this page is to cut through the noise and provide the real data based on our experience with 100s of tech negotiations and 1000s of submitted offers. Below, we’ve listed the top of band compensation for multiple Facebook (or Meta) Product Manager levels. There is also a bonus section at the bottom with info on negotiating Facebook Product Manager offers.

Facebook Product Manager Offer Components

  • Facebook base salary:

    Facebook’s base salary is exactly what you would expect. There are no tricks here
  • Facebook equity (RSUs):

    Meta vests equity (i.e. you receive shares) evenly over 4 years - 25/25/25/25. These shares are distributed every 3 months. The actual amount of shares you receive is calculated by dividing the dollar value by a "share value". The share value is usually the trailing average closing stock price of the 30 days before your start date
  • Facebook signing bonus:

    Meta only gives signing bonuses in year 1 (unlike some other companies - Amazon, Uber, etc.). Your Meta signing bonus is paid within 30 days of your start date, which is a nice feature as some companies pro-rate your sign on bonus over the first 12 months
  • Facebook performance bonus:

    Meta has historically had very stable performance bonuses. The company multiplier is usually slightly about 1x and the individual multiplier is tied to your performance rating (1x, 1.25x, 2x, 3x). Each level has different bonus target which you will see listed below. These are not negotiable
  • Facebook stock refreshers:

    Meta recruiters have recently become much more transparent about stock refresher numbers. The typical assumption is that you will receive 25% of your initial grant as a new refresher grant each year, which will also vest over 4-years. These stack and have a powerful compounding effect. However, they are also performance based so refreshers are not guaranteed

Note: levelling is critical to understanding compensation bands. If you aren't familiar with FB levels, skip to the bottom to read this.

IC4 Facebook Product Manager Salary

2022 Top of Band Numbers

Base Salary


Equity (4 years)


Signing Bonus


Performance Bonus


Meta's performance bonus targets for IC4 PMs increased from 10% to 15% towards the tail end of 2021.

IC5 Facebook Product Manager Salary

2022 Top of Band Numbers

Base Salary


Equity (4 years)


Signing Bonus


Performance Bonus


We are seeing noticeable increases in Meta L5 PM offers in 2022.

IC6 Facebook Product Manager Salary

2022 Top of Band Numbers

Base Salary


Equity (4 years)


Signing Bonus


Performance Bonus


IC7 Facebook Product Manager Salary

2022 Top of Band Numbers

Base Salary


Equity (4 years)


Signing Bonus


Performance Bonus


Clearing $2M in equity was still within band at this level in 2021. However, it did always require a very strong negotiation.

Facebook Product Manager Negotiation

So now you've got the compensation data, are you ready to negotiate? Not quite.

First off, comp data is constantly changing. 2022 numbers are coming in higher than the 2021 numbers listed above, and it’s critical to know the full range for each component to optimize your negotiation. But even more than that, many people think knowing the compensation data is the most important part of a negotiation, but it’s not. You can go tell your Meta recruiter that you read online that top of band is $X and that you want that number, but in 90% of cases that won’t work. So what will?

Companies negotiate when they believe you won’t accept their offer. But, since you just finished a long and arduous interview process with them, they know you are likely to accept the job unless you have higher competing offers from other great companies.

This means you need to create leverage and make it believable that you are considering other options but would prefer Facebook if the compensation is comparable. This sounds easy but quickly becomes challenging if you don’t have other offers or if your other offers aren’t higher than the top of band comp numbers you are targeting.

Even if you are in a perfect situation where you have a competing offer with comp just slightly higher than the top of band numbers you are targeting, the negotiation can still get complicated. For example, let’s say your competing offer is from Stripe. Seems like everything is good (Stripe is a well respected large company), but if you bring that to Facebook, their comp team will discount the equity by 25% since Stripe is a private company. All of a sudden they aren’t willing to give you a top of band number because your leverage has been weakened. There are dozens of rules like this that can completely de-rail a negotiation. Think of the system like a black box where a series of inputs can be reliably turned into a specific output, but you need to know how to perfectly setup the inputs

Facebook Product Manager vs. Google Product Manager Pay

Facebook is one of the best paying companies for PM roles. This is true for many roles at FB, but it's also a function of org structure with most teams organized around a PM/engineering manager pair (i.e. PMs are important for scaling the company and well paid). Many people we work with who are considering Facebook Product Manager positions, are also curious to understand the differences vs Google PM roles. While this comparison should certainly expand beyond just pay, we'll lay out the high-level salary trends between the two companies. Caveat, of course individual circumstances apply here, and Google is more willing to go above band vs Facebook.

L4 PM is the only level where Google has a higher top of band total compensation vs Facebook. The difference in total compensation increases the higher the level. At L7 in 2022 Facebook was able to pay $900K/year + $100K signing bonus whereas Google was closer to $700K/year + $75K signing bonus. Google's 33/33/22/12 structure inflates the first year offer value but for the sake of a fair comparison we look at the four year average. Google recruiters may occasionally claim that their stock refreshers make up the difference in year 3 and 4, but that is simply false. FB's refresher packages are generally better than Google, so that tips the scales even more in Facebook's favor. Lastly, it's  worth noting that FB will almost always offer higher signing bonuses for PM vs Google. This page has the detailed data breakdown for Google Product Manager salaries by level.

Now, we don't want this to come across as completely one-sided. There are many good reasons to choose Google over Facebook. WLB is a clear plus in Google's favor, team specific factors come into play, and in some rare circumstances we've actually seen Google beat Facebook offers when they give above band offers (something FB almost never does).

Below you'll find a level comparison between the two companies. However, Google is phasing out L7.5 in 2022 and will more closely match Facebook's existing levelling system.

Facebook Product Manager Levels

Facebook Level




IC6 PM / M1 PM 

IC7 PM  / M2 PM

IC8 PM / D1 PM


Equivalent Level at Google


PM 1 (L4) / PM 2 (L5)

PM 2 (L5) / PM 3 (L6)

Senior PM (L7)

Group PM (L7.5)

Director of Product (L8)

1:1 Salary Negotiation Support

We've negotiated more than $40M in Facebook offers this year. Our largest Facebook increase was $1.03M.

Negotiation strategy

Step 1 is defining the strategy, which often starts by helping you create leverage for your negotiation (e.g. setting up conversations with FAANG recruiters).

Negotiation anchor number

Step 2 we decide on anchor numbers and target numbers with the goal of securing a top of band offer, based on our internal verified data sets.

Negotiation execution plan

Step 3 we create custom scripts for each of your calls, practice multiple 1:1 mock negotiations, and join your recruiter calls to guide you via chat.

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