Our mission is to help underrepresented professionals find the confidence to negotiate.

From Rora's Founder

I grew up in a home of financial privilege, but my father also filled it with physical abuse and emotional pain. The long term impact I only came to terms with 17 years later.

As a child I was incapable of freeing myself from his abuse. I intimately know the fear and difficulty of what should be simple – walk away and tell someone.

I also deeply understand the shame and anger that come from being taken advantage of. It doesn’t leave you – and it shows up later – in personal relationships, in random interactions, and in challenging professional moments.

My father was not consciously trying to hurt me. He was just passing down trauma he similarly experienced as a child.

I see this same dynamic play out in offer negotiations and work relationships.

Particularly for underrepresented candidates who’ve faced generation after generation of disenfranchisement, I see the fear of walking away from a job offer. I see a scarcity mindset when evaluating opportunities. I see internalized fear and shame.

A founder myself, I know companies don’t intend to hurt the very workers who make them exist. The prioritization of profits over people is simply dogma, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Rora is a movement to change this. I hope you’ll join us on this mission.

We are encouraged by our 4 years of working to help professionals advocate more confidently, and motivated by how much there still is to change.

The best is ahead!

— Brian Liou